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Speed Parade

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In contrast to typical slow and meandering parades, the speed parade aims to maintain a rate of 40 to 65kph (25-40mph) throughout its course. As such, floats are designed with railings for participants to hang on to when cornering, and balloons are fitted with propellers to keep them at pace with the floats. Marching bands are replaced with rollerblading bands, being pulled at speed by cords attached to the floats. If you like parades, look fast and don't miss this one. If you don't like parades, don't worry, it will pass by quickly.
swimswim, Apr 30 2010

Murray Walker. http://en.wikipedia.../wiki/Murray_Walker
"And the British Float is in the lead on the final straight, literally nothing can stop him now ... <CRASH>" [8th of 7, Apr 30 2010]


       [+] I feel sorry for the tuba guy, playing a cumbersome instrument whilst rollerblading.On the plus side, the whole doppler effect in marching band style!
S-note, Apr 30 2010

       Commentary by Murray Walker. Sponsors include Goodyear, Ferrari and Honda. [+]
8th of 7, Apr 30 2010

       [S-note]-- One word: Sousaphone.
DrWorm, Apr 30 2010

       [DrWorm] Tuba much safer. Sousaphone antics are bloody dangerous.
mouseposture, Apr 30 2010

Mustardface, May 01 2010

       The world's fastest parade (55 mph) runs in south central Utah, between the towns of Torrey and Bicknell. It is an annual event occurring in conjunction with the Bicknell International Film Festival.   

       (And if anyone decides to go, let me know & we'll do a half-con there, too.)
lurch, May 01 2010


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