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Speeding Conveyance Deterrent

slowing speeding vehicles by deploying computer actuated decellerators.
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Rather than risk the well-being of law enforcment officers in busy traffic situations or to over exposure to radar emmisions; I propose that a system of pop-up speed bumps be placed, in strategic locations, that are activated, by speed sensors. As the speeding conveyance approaches, the system would then project and lock parking block-like structures through the roadbed, directly into the path of the speeding offender. The only potential problem with this design is that some errant tire manufacturer may design tires with valleys arrayed about the tire that could mate with the protrusion and thus nullify the speed bumps. I am sure that when the government carefully studies my system, they would immediately outlaw such ridculous conter-measures as these in light of the risk to public safety they pose.
boarish1, Apr 23 2001


       I mean that -1 vote in the nicest possible way. Really.
centauri, Apr 23 2001

       like it, +1
cyberprog, Apr 24 2001

       Maybe if it worked both ways.. could these bumps be powerfull enough to bump grandma and her bridge club enough so she is travelling with the flow of traffic?
andrewkorbel, Apr 24 2001

       If only you had specified custard-filled it would have seemed so much better.
Dog Ed, Apr 24 2001


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