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Spelling checker/shock therapy

Don't press the wrong button!!! zzzzzzzzap!!
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Small (or medium) sized electrodes in each key of the keyboard. As soon as spell checker realizes that a spelling mistake is occuring, a mild (or medium) shock is administered. A few taps of the backspace key, and a bit of thought will end the pain for you and your readers.
knowtion, Oct 24 2009


       I liked my shocking hat idea better. Also, spell-checkers don't know jargon.
sninctown, Oct 24 2009

       or my shocking pen... though, granted, nobody uses a pen anymore. [ ]... no, wait [+] for taser-level shocks.
FlyingToaster, Oct 24 2009

       I did NOT see Stewie do this with the piano - I saw Daffy Duck do it with explosives instead of shocks though.
knowtion, Oct 24 2009

       I could use that. Does this place have spell check? I'd still be in trouble tho as there is still the grammer and punctuation to contend with.
outloud, Oct 24 2009

       //abominable "US English" spelling?// Don't criticize; your judgment is dishonorable as it is likely to cause quarreling, not dialog, at our favorite website.
sninctown, Oct 25 2009

       ... and increasing levels of "are you sure ?" and "ARE YOU SURE?" with tense music, before zapping the hell out of the language abuser.   

       //likely to cause quarreling, not dialog, at our favorite website//
wot's that then, the "Half-Pedantry" ?
FlyingToaster, Oct 25 2009

       Will it recognise [sic] "[sic]"? And will you sic the [sic]-seeking sucker on the sickened (sc. and sickening) whose only offense is that they forgot to modify the default localisation settings?
pertinax, Oct 26 2009

       Oh God, you're so funny [21Q]
egbert, Oct 26 2009

       You've a point [21Q]. I've developed an alphabet that has only 14 characters in order to reduce the redundancy that comes from hard/soft consonants. The only problem is that teddy bear and titty bar look the same spelled out...   

       Guess you'd need to read the context.
bdag, Oct 26 2009


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