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spelling error generator

inserts spelling errors, forcing users to read B4 posting
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Randomly inserts errors in text, so the user is forced to actualy read the material carefully before sending. Could also be an educational aid.
pfperry, Jul 01 2002


       I thawt vis wuz orlredy id yoos. bakt.
dijit, Jul 01 2002

       Judging from the average online posting, I would have to agree with dijit.
DrCurry, Jul 01 2002

       Happens all the time, Resarf - try and add something to the idea. Although you may be pleased not to have posted it, given the (with mine) six fishbones this idea is soon to have.   

       Really, having the same bad idea as someone else is nothing to boast about, is it?   

       I think it's a bad idea because of the extra time involved in hunting for the error - most people, as [dijit] and [DrCurry] point out, don't care anyway.
Matty, Jul 03 2002

       [Matty]: Better make that 7   

       I always spell-check mine anyway, and if i see a spelling error i'm always compelled to (if it's mine) correct it / (if it ain't) complain.   

       [dijit]: you seem to have made a couple of mistakes. any comment?
NickTheGreat, Jul 03 2002

       Ho-ho... just as i moved from this idea to the 'virtual office politics' I found a whole host of spelling errors. How odd.
NickTheGreat, Jul 03 2002

       You realise, don't you [NickTheGreat] that everyone in the Bakery is going to begin scrutinising your every anno, just to find spelling/grammar mistakes now? (grin) Good luck to you.
Matty, Jul 03 2002

       I think there's a ahnd fgul ofg macro viruses and keyboar////fd remapping viruses that wkill doo this for you already. See?
Mr Burns, Jul 03 2002

       Matty, you miss the point when you say "it's a bad idea because of the extra time involved in hunting for the error ". The point is, most people are so vain they think their writing has no errors. (my own posts are a glaring example.) It doesn't take significantly longer to check something with a couple of extra errors. You are of course correct when you say most people don't care. Very true, and very sad.
pfperry, Jul 04 2002

       pfperry, I think troll types have already invented the intentional version of this.
polartomato, Jul 04 2002

       Rather than embarrassing you in public, just have the computer keep track of how much time elapsed between the last keypress and the clicking of the "send" button. This figure is included as part of the signature. Useful for interoffice e-mails.
phundug, Apr 02 2003


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