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Spider Table

Ouch, that's my foot.
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When I'm sitting at a table, especially a round table, it seems like I always get a spot occupied by a leg. Sometimmes I'm lucky enough to sit at one with folding legs, which get in the way even more.

There is a solution. Instead of having the legs of the table under it, why not arch them out and away, like a spider's? They wouldn't have to go out far enough to get in the servers' way (justa bout as far out as my chair goes), but they'd be out of the way of my size 11.5 combat boots. That way I'd be free to kick my fellow diners in comfort, secure in the knowlege that they are completely unshielded.

Eugene, Jul 08 2004

international shoe sizing chart http://www.i18nguy.com/l10n/shoes.html
11.5, not *that* big [xclamp, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]


       One big leg in the middle perhaps? Hang it from the ceiling? Spider legs seem like a lot of space used up. Size 11.5? Have we finally found Bigfoot?
unclepete, Jul 08 2004

       So you'd be sitting UNDER a leg? Which connects to the table in front of you, blocking your food?
phundug, Jul 08 2004

       I figure the legs would come in just under or directly in to the side of the table top and would not come in from above and they wouldn't actually arch above the table top and wouldn't really be made like a spider's legs even though that's a good name and would be a bit of a nuisance being beside you but maybe not more of a nuisance than the ones that are hidden beneath the table and there would be only four legs instead of eight and the four legs would attach diagonally at the corners to minimize the inconvenience to eaters and would have flashing beacons and road cones to prevent tripping over them when no one is seated at the table and no thank you waiter -- I don't care for any more coffee.
half, Jul 08 2004

       whoa, [half] - you keep half-baking at that rate and you're gonna burn out. Slow down - take a comma, maybe even a paragraph break, and just breeeeeath...
spacemoggy, Jul 08 2004

       "Will you sit between my legs?" said the Spider to his Fly.
FarmerJohn, Jul 08 2004

       "Size 11.5? Have we finally found Bigfoot?"   

       I wouldn't say that 11.5 is freakishly large here in the states. Maybe some other countries have different sizing systems that I don't know about. Then again, I don't know where [Eugene] is from either, so maybe he is Bigfoot...
luecke, Jul 08 2004

       [luecke] international shoe sizing chart (link). after perusing the chart cannot guess where [unclepete] hails from.   

       as long as the legs were self-leveling (+).
xclamp, Jul 08 2004

       11.5 mens, yes. I envisioned it exactly as [half] described.
Eugene, Jul 08 2004

       I like it. +
sartep, Jul 09 2004

       11.5 isn't that big. that's my shoe size. granted, I have hobbit feet, but really.
schematics, Jul 09 2004

       This is a good idea, despite the fact that i wouldn't sit on a spider :P. Now, really, I think it's a good thing to do to tables, if the "legs" don't go too far into the room. The catch could be that you probably would stay far from the people near you. It's not enough catch for me to give neutral or a fishbone to this   

       +1 :)
NeoPiter, Jul 09 2004


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