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Pedal table

Maneuver about the bar
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The table enables the occupants to manoeuvre about the bar whilst remaining seated.

Table consists of four pedals similar to those used on old sewing machine tables,two facing forward under the left side of the table, two facing opposite on the right.The pedals which are attached to the chain drive set the small wheels in motion upon the legs.

Steering is obtained via a large inset wooden wheel on top attached to a steering rod.

If you wish to move near to a window or a particular vacant spot within the bar, whoever is facing in that direction pedals and steers you to your destination.

The table also has two hinged ends which fold upwards making the table smaller to fit through tight spots and public obstacles by pulling up the flaps.

At the end of a hearty evening table bumpers can be played with the object of seeing which table can keep their drinks intact.(by this time I'm sure plastic cups have been issued)

A jovial addition to the pedalstool.

skinflaps, Apr 22 2004

Conference Bike by Eric Staller http://www.conferencebike.com/
Throw a glass table top on this and pedal about the pub to your heart's content. [jurist, Oct 05 2004, last modified Oct 17 2004]

This guy's got his own idea http://sfpl4.sfpl.o...01/jarvischairs.jpg
[skinflaps, Oct 05 2004, last modified Oct 17 2004]

Segway http://www.segway.com/
[snikrepkire, Oct 05 2004, last modified Oct 17 2004]


       You lost me on the pedal setup, but it sounds like fun with flapping table ends and skin.
FarmerJohn, Apr 22 2004

       The pedals are of those foot/shoe size flat variety.With people sitting at the table opposite each other,the pedals face both ways respective underneath.   

       Example: the occupants on one side of the table pedal out into the middle of the bar but wish to reverse left to the corner,the opposite person pedals forward and steers you there.
skinflaps, Apr 22 2004

FarmerJohn, Apr 22 2004

       The seats are connected to the table then?
Syd, Apr 22 2004

       Yep, bench style.   

       That's a cool link [jurist],reminds me of the times at the Lewes raft race.
skinflaps, Apr 22 2004

       It sounds too much like work. Perhaps the Segway [link] technology coul dbe adapted. Oh, and speaking of segway...
snikrepkire, Apr 23 2004


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