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Spiked Drinks

"Spike's Drinks"
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While the spontaneous addition of alcohol to various party beverages is widely known, is there anyone actually in the business of selling spiked drinks?

Take any ordinary nonalcoholic drink, and add pure ethanol until it is, say, 5% alcohol (a bit less than beer), or perhaps 10% alcohol (a bit less than wine).

This saves a great deal of trouble, with respect to getting alcohol into a beverage by natural fermentation. Also, since pure ethanol is generally considered to be tasteless, it means that something like tea will still taste like tea, after getting spiked. Far too many wines taste like sour grape juice, because of the changes wrought by fermentation.

The subtitle is a suggested name for the business.
Individual products might have names like
Spike's Stapled Tea and Spike's Nailed Tea (see the two different percentages of alcohol above)
Spike's Stapled Milk and Spike's Nailed Milk
Spike's Stapled or Nailed Cranberry Juice Cocktail
Spike's Stapled or Nailed Water
and so on --no need to turn this Idea into a List.

Vernon, Jan 21 2016

alcopops http://www.bbc.com/news/magazine-23502892
widely known to have existed for a while and then gone away again [pertinax, Jan 21 2016]


       //pure ethanol is generally considered to be tasteless// Okay I looked this up and apparently there are some people who can't taste alcohol (?)   

       I, for one, can easily taste alcohol down to fairly small percentages depending on the mix.
Voice, Jan 21 2016

       Wasn't this widely done in the 1990s, under the generic name "alcopop"?
pertinax, Jan 21 2016

       Seems to me this was done through the 2000's with teas and lemonade (Mike's Hard Lemonade, Twisted Tea) but not in innovative varying strengths as you propose. Nailed Milk would certainly liven up my morning cornflakes.
whatrock, Jan 21 2016


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