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website adoption service

old sites you can no longer maintain - put them up for adoption
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Ever run a site for a while, and it starts to get popular and you run out of time to maintain it? If you want to give it up to someone else to maintain - you put it up for "adoption". This way someone else with the interest can keep it up and the site can keep some continuity, instead of that other person starting their _own_ site and having to build up it's audience...

So have another website that lists sites up for "adoption" and the site screens the person or persons who want the site for viability, just like parents are screened.

triptych, Jan 07 2001

Baked - what to buy a used domain? http://www.deleteddomains.com/
[PiledHigherandDeeper, Oct 04 2004]


       The best adoptive parent is probably a site regular, and so the best place to advertise is on the site itself. That happens all the time, sometimes successfully, other times less so.
egnor, Jan 07 2001

       This kind of setup could be used to facilitate temporary adoption of sites. You could have sites changing hands regularly; just think of all the creativity and fresh ideas and community involvement it could (conceivably) generate!
jabbers, Aug 13 2001

       What happens when I get 'adoption remorse' and want my site back? Nasty legal battles, fights over who is the more caring webmaster, "But your honor, I've run this web site for 5 years now. It doesn't even remember the plaintiff..."
phoenix, Aug 13 2001

       Everything at home.flash.net/~josielor is copyleft, so you can have it if you want it. If not, it will cease to exist on October 14 when our 12 month Prodigy indenture expires (good riddance) and we will probably become ex-internet-users.
LoriZ, Sep 24 2001

       Imagine someone adopts a fan club page and turns it into a bestiality porn site - but keeps the star's likeness on every page.
FloridaManatee, Jun 19 2003


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