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spins rain off your car window
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ok. im new here. and this idea is totally baked. (for boats) but this idea is for cars. its a round section of, or a whole round window that has a motor mounted either in the middle or using a belt drive to spin it. spinning off large amounts of water and possibly bird poo! if it spins fast enough. it would save having to buy wiper blades that go all crusty after a while and dont work. plus having to wait for the wiper to wipe the window. in heavy rain. i saw it on a whale watching boat. for the driver to see when chunks of water spewed over the boat when it dived down the back of a wave. pretty cool!
Bubble, Nov 15 2004

Like so? http://bz.pair.com/fun/cshield.html
[image] [bristolz, Nov 15 2004]

Prosaic Version: Vetus Clear View Screens http://www.vetus.co...pers_clear-view.cfm
Is this what you actually had in mind, but for cars? Not cheap, and not as cute as [bristolz]'. [jurist, Nov 15 2004]


       Now THAT is one rugged looking windshield!   

       I don't think the Spindow would go with the styling of any contemporary car with the possible exception of the Hummer. I've seen these rotating view ports or whatever. I'm not sure but I think they leak water except when rotating.   

       Welcome to Halfbakery.
hangingchad, Nov 15 2004

       As [tahuyahick] points out, you can buy something adaptable from Vetus (see link) if you're prepared to pay the price and if it meets your national vehicle safety codes.
jurist, Nov 15 2004


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