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Ultrasonic Windshield Scrubbing Wiper

Finally a wiper that will get your windows clean
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Conventional windshield wipers generaly do a poor job of removing things like bug guts from the glass. Rather they spread it around and it drys on causing a very irritating mess on your windshield.

This wiper is integrated into the mounting system for your conventional windshield wiper. It would look like a thin secondary wiper positioned just ahead of the main wiper blade(which is a conventional wiper refill) This "wiper" has a thin stiff bristle brush with a very dense knap that would move much like an ultrasonic toothbrush, scrubbing side to side as the wiper moves accross the windshield. During normal useage of the wipers the brush rides just above the glass and is not used. This is tha same for quick wash setting as well (acts just like conventional system).

A new "Clean" function would bring the brush in contact with the glass and begin scrubbing. Cleaning fluid is injected through a series of jets distributed along the length of the brush. The wiper arm would complete 2 passes with the brush then repeat the normal wipe wash to finish the cleaning.

An "Intense Clean" function that would only operate with the car in Park or the speed at 0 would also allow very thorough slow speed scrubbing of the glass.

jhomrighaus, Apr 17 2006

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Scrubwiper [half, Apr 17 2006]




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