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Spinning City of Fun

Your work comes to you.
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City on giant disk.
Disk floats on water, is moved by river.
City spins very slowly on disk, one revolution every 8 hours.
Businesses on disk edge.
Houses stationary outside of disk.
Home right next to office when time to go to work.
Office right next to home when time to leave.
Each grocery store swings by your house 3x per day.
Each clothing store swings by your house 3x per day.
Recreation in center of disk.
Trees grow a little inward.
Worldgineer, Aug 19 2003

rota-city http://www.halfbakery.com/idea/rota-city
Thank you [tel] for the inspiration. [Worldgineer, Oct 05 2004, last modified Oct 17 2004]

wankel rotary island http://www.halfbake...l_20Rotary_20Island
Probably some left-over inspiration from reading this idea a while ago (during the great HB wankel wave of '03). [Worldgineer, Oct 05 2004, last modified Oct 17 2004]

Lazy River Office http://www.halfbake...zy_20River_20Office
[phoenix, Oct 05 2004, last modified Oct 17 2004]

Mini-canals http://www.halfbake...om/idea/Mini-canals
[phoenix, Oct 05 2004, last modified Oct 17 2004]

(?) Geotropism http://www.spacesci...PageName=geotropism
Plants will grow a little inward. [Worldgineer, Oct 05 2004, last modified Oct 17 2004]

We have the park completed https://earthlymiss...-rotate-constantly/
[Worldgineer, Dec 09 2022]


       no pub?
po, Aug 19 2003

       Definately pubs - near the center in the recreation area. I guess you could have them near the edge, but then you're commited to 8 hours of fun before you can go home. Or you could hope to hook up with someone who lives on the other side of the disk.   

       Oh, and there would be some sort of radial transportation system to get you from the center to the edge.
Worldgineer, Aug 19 2003

       Is there some sort of underground pipe system for pumping all the vomit out of the city?
DeathNinja, Aug 19 2003

       so you come home from the pub, a little wobbly and you have to jump from a moving disc... oh boy. can't the pubs be on the houses side? and what about wheelchairs and pushchairs - look I'm not being difficult here. oh ok I am ..
po, Aug 19 2003

       I was dizzy before I read this, now I'm lying sideways beside my chair... What have you done to me?   

       I'll vote when I can stabd up.
k_sra, Aug 19 2003

       Ok, just for you [po] I shall make the following modification.   

       A series of ski lifts are attached to a fixed (relative to the houses) pole at the center of the city and take you to the outside of the city (arranged like bicycle spokes). This provides easy access to the recreational area. There is an operator at the house side to drag your inebriated elf home for a fee.   

       [k] Spinning in your chair is fun, but you knew the consequences when you started.   

       [DN] The city is spinning _very slowly_, almost imperceptibly so. I think you can handle it.
Worldgineer, Aug 19 2003

       if the river is tidal, won't the office come back in the middle of the night? have I voted for this? seeing as I am having so much fun with it. yes of course.
po, Aug 19 2003

       Not tidal - constantly moving at a very slow pace. But yes, your office will pass your house 3x per day.
Worldgineer, Aug 19 2003

       So, people who live at different points would start work at different times at the same employment? One could jog for a half hour without losing sight of the house.
FarmerJohn, Aug 19 2003

       ...or the office.
k_sra, Aug 19 2003

       [FJ] The alternative is that everyone that works in the same building would live close together. This could be a problem or a benefit depending on your work environment.
Worldgineer, Aug 19 2003

       I will be *so* lost. I believe I'll make maps of the city in self-defense. Maps with clockwork-rotated discs, mind you.
lurch, Aug 19 2003

       So where you work (and your starting time at work) determines where you live?
waugsqueke, Aug 19 2003

       Either where you work determines where you live or where you live determines your starting time at work. I'm fine with either strategy.
Worldgineer, Aug 19 2003

       Wouldn't trees grow a little outward, with the spinning motion?   

       "Honey I've got to run to the store (looks out window)... Damn! I'll have to go on my lunch break tomorrow..."
Cedar Park, Aug 19 2003

       This would put an end to people being late.
waugsqueke, Aug 19 2003

       I'm sensing that [phoenix] would like part of this disk to have holes, allowing for a lazy-river style or something. Care to elaborate?
Worldgineer, Aug 19 2003

       [fishface], may I call you [fishface]? Seems odd. Anyway, it would really have to be a well planned city and limited in size. You really couldn't build any more buildings on the disk, so any new people that show up wouldn't have anywhere to work. Good zoning can fix most city issues.   

       [UB], As you well know the Earth is an imperfect solution that in practice keeps most people far from anything interesting. Whoever thought it up should have been fishboned.
Worldgineer, Aug 20 2003

       "City on giant disk. Disk floats on water, is moved by river."
Reminded me of the Lazy River Office idea is all.
phoenix, Aug 21 2003

       [World] - you are almost there. Rephrase this idea as a poem. Just a little attention to balance. I really love the idea of a poem to explain an engineering concept - very ancient greece.   

       [Deathninja] you are on to something with the pipe idea there. I am reminded of a place I heard about at Dartmouth called the Bootchute (bootshoot?) - a tall stairwell with a central hole that extended down into an inaccessable subbasement. Intoxicated folks would make their way to the bootchute and add their contribution. But I take no credit - you run with this one, ninja. You have a promissory note for one croissant.
bungston, Aug 21 2003

       Thanks for the lyrics [ack], first song ever written about an idea of mine.   

       [bung] //Rephrase this idea as a poem. // Ouch.
Worldgineer, Aug 21 2003

       // Intoxicated folks would make their way to the bootchute and add their contribution //   

       [bungston] It turns out that was just a laundry chute and the cleaning folks were *not* pleased...
DeathNinja, Aug 21 2003

       At Rivermouth did Worldgineer
A spinning pleasure town decree
From rise to set to rise of sun
Thrice round the turning city spun
And parking there was free

So offices built on this town
With pleasing homes were girdled round
And there were gardens bright with flowers thick,
Where blossomed many an incense-bearing tree
And the incense wasn't hard to pick
The trees grew inwardly.
bungston, Aug 28 2003

       Then came the tower built firm and tall
Like wheel spokes wires spread
To rescue drunks from walking falls
Ski lifts fly them to their beds.
Worldgineer, Aug 28 2003

       And at the hub a spooling tower soared
From which into the sky a line did run
Four billion miles into a distant sun
The mighty line, forged from a planet's core
Unreeling with the stellar force it bore
Was how the city's stately spin was done
bungston, Aug 28 2003

       No, that's what the river is for - see [AO]'s wankel rotary island idea. Though I could have used that poem for the blackholeapult. What rhymes with nanotube?   

       I had a link posted for [CP]'s question: //Wouldn't trees grow a little outward, with the spinning motion? //, but it now links to nothing.   

       Roots grow downward and stems grow upwards in response to gravitational force. When spinning, the centrifugal force causes roots to grow outward, and the rest of the plant inward. I saw a great demonstration of this at the Exploritorium in San Francisco. They had a constantly spinning disk with sprouts - all were leaning inward.   

       Ah, I found another link - not as good as the original, but the basics are there.
Worldgineer, Mar 16 2004

       I wish to own a store (preferably the city-wide concession) which amongst other things sells compasses and GPS devices. While everyone will be keenly aware of where "home" is three times each day and how to best navigate their way to and from in a stationary world, I reckon that they may need help in finding the quickest way back in those 'tween hours when what was once two miles North is now four miles South, or East , or West
jurist, Nov 04 2009

       There would be an iPhone app for that.
Worldgineer, Apr 17 2012

       Ok, which one of you built that (see link).
Worldgineer, Dec 09 2022

doctorremulac3, Dec 09 2022

       I have an extra bun here for [bungston]'s pastiche of Coleridge. [+]
pertinax, Dec 09 2022


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