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Spinny Shoes

Like wheely shoes, but made for getting dizzy
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From the sides and top, the Spinny Shoe looks much like an ordinary shoe or sneaker, but has some very special features on it's underside.

The front of the outsole of each shoe has a retractable (or at least, lockable) thrust bearing, with a rubber or synthetic rubber surface to prevent it from sliding horizontally across the ground.

When extended or unlocked, this bearing allows the wearer to spin in place at dizzying speeds. Also, it reduces the effort needed for doing "The Twist" and other related dances :)

When retracted or locked, the shoes can be walked in in an ordinary manner.

goldbb, Apr 01 2010

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       I have seen some dance shoes with a circular tread pattern under the ball of the foot (the base of the big toe). These shoes would be a lot better.
baconbrain, Apr 01 2010

       Evildoers, fear the greatest new superhero, MALE BALLET DANCER-MAN. His 360°pirouette/spinning kick will knock you senseless.
DrWorm, Apr 01 2010

       This is Baked for some styles of football boot in the 1960's. Apparently they were withdrawn after they caused quite a few rather nasty knee injuries.
8th of 7, Apr 01 2010

       One wonders how much deadlier Chuck Norris's roundhouse kick could become.
RayfordSteele, Apr 01 2010

       Like many people, I become nauseous when spinning in a circle - even what should be a pleasant trip 'round the carousel, for me, is a dance with death.   

       Because I can't be the only one, and because I like to be able to comment on the angular momentum of vomit...[+]
shapu, Apr 01 2010

       // the angular momentum of vomit //   

       <loudly and slowly>   

       TOO ... MUCH ... INFORMATION !   

8th of 7, Apr 01 2010

       I want Ian to elaborate on "serious applications" :)
AutoMcDonough, Apr 01 2010

       [8th]: You're welcome :)
shapu, Apr 02 2010

       Ian, there's one bearing on each shoe, so you can spin either with the left foot down, or with the right foot down, but you can't spin in place with both feet down.
goldbb, Apr 05 2010

       If the shoes are spinny wont the spins pok you in the foot?
bungston, Apr 05 2010

       Only if you misplace an N.
goldbb, Apr 07 2010


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