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Superball shoes

Display and use your collection!
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What is bouncier than a Superball? What is more fun to collect? But how to display your collection? BUNGCO introduces the Superball Shoe!

Arrayed with 12 tightenable superball receptacles, plug your sole with your superball collection and bounce confidently down the hall! Change out your superballs depending on your activity: high bouncing for basketball, high traction for track, high bling for the Oscars. Trade for an attractive ball you see passing on the street!

bungston, Feb 28 2005


       :) Inspiring, this is.
DesertFox, Feb 28 2005

       I want a pair of dancefloor superball shoes to keep me going all night! [+]
Pericles, Mar 01 2005

       Time for bed. BOINNNNG!!!
wagster, Mar 01 2005

       Shoes with which to kick Superman in the balls.
FarmerJohn, Mar 01 2005

       Hey! [FJ]! some respect for the dead! ;)
Pericles, Mar 02 2005

       I must nominate this idea for the, *Aaaurgh I was just going to post this*, award.   

       Don't forget to rotate the balls as to not cause uneven wear.
Giblet, Mar 29 2005


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