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Splash Pictures

More really big, really wet art...
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For this you would need a large (5 acres or so) lake, and a really large matrix of computer controlled air valves.

The air valve matrix would be just slightly submerged near the surface of the lake...

The valves would be activated to create a white froth just above them as needed to create a "pixel".

Viewed from the air, pictures would emerge, and I imagine you could even have animation -- maybe even movies.

zigness, Mar 29 2004

Blinkenlights http://www.blinkenlights.de/
You could use the control system from this thing [eulachon, Oct 17 2004]

TV Fountain TV_20Fountain
"Each jet is a pixel" - cloudface, Oct 07 2003 [phoenix, May 22 2008]


       I could have SWORN I had an anno on this idea. Was positive, I thought too ...
Letsbuildafort, Mar 29 2004

       I'd love to play Tetris on this.
yabba do yabba dabba, Mar 29 2004

       If you could control the amount of flow from each nozzle, you may even be able to get a rough grayscale effect. It sounds a bit impractical, but nonetheless cool. (+)
Freefall, Mar 29 2004

       This is the kind of incredibly extravagant thing that the really rich would have.   

       I want one.
Eugene, Mar 29 2004

       [Letsbuildafort], FYI, I didn't do no deleting...
zigness, Mar 29 2004

       *gurgle* <-- that's my pixel for you! +
phundug, Mar 29 2004

       Ok, [zigness] I just could have sworn that I did, though I've been known to be wrong. S'all good - I bunned it, afterall.
Letsbuildafort, Mar 29 2004

       I'm wondering if there is a way to add color to this.
zigness, Apr 03 2004

       //though I've been known to be wrong//

Haven't we all! Even so I really love this idea! I believe a signifigant amount of 'grayscale' levels may be represented by the frothy splashes. At least 16 identifiable levels anyway...
silverstormer, Apr 03 2004

       could also have three coloured water based dyes at each nozzle : Red, Green, Blue. A pseudo colour image could then be produced. You'd need a good filter on the water to implement this colour addition.
jonthegeologist, Apr 04 2004

       This is my annotation and it is positive. +   

       You could also add color to this by putting lights underneath to go with the splashes. Great at night time atleast.
sartep, Apr 04 2004

       Your croissants' gonna get soggy.   

thumbwax, Apr 05 2004

       As you fly over a lake in an airplane pick up the phone and call your friend. Look through the window and see their 'videophone' image talking to you from the lake (radio links from plane to lake, and cameras in back of headrests required). Perhaps a hugely complex and huge submarine could shadow the plane under the ocean, thus providing a several hour long service. Again, only for the rich, or perhaps the economy passenger who gets the golden ticket. Alternatively have their image projected from the plane onto nearby clouds.
weedy, Aug 19 2004

       [weedy], I like the videophone concept... Just when I thought I had been completely impractical, someone comes along and raises the bar -- excellent. :)
zigness, Aug 20 2004

       <jon> Is the dye filtered out regularly? I expect using dye would end up getting messy. I thought about using colored lights to color the water but then I realized that would just be a large underwater TV. Good idea <zig>.
Flipmastacash, May 22 2008


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