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TV Fountain

Each jet is a pixel
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You have an acre-sized fountain which is connected to a television feed. Each jet is electronically linked to a set of pixels. They bump up in relation to the image. That's it.
cloudface, Oct 07 2003

TV projected on thin sheet of mist http://story.news.y...c_nm/tech_screen_dc
[mr2560, Oct 17 2004]

Splash Pictures Splash_20Pictures
"The valves would be activated to create a ...'pixel'" - zigness, Mar 29 2004 [phoenix, May 22 2008]


       To be viewed as a moving image, there at least has to be a apparent difference in brightness or luminance of each of the jets. How would the height of the jet translate into an image?
Cedar Park, Oct 07 2003

       You'd be limited by the water's momentum. The video would be very slow, as each "pixel" would have to shoot up then fall down.
Worldgineer, Oct 07 2003

       I had a similar idea, but it involved lighted balloons. I didn't post it because, well, who could see it? Astronauts, I suppose.   

       The fountains could be lighted from underneath...
phoenix, Oct 07 2003

       Control the valves fast enough and get a news ticker that looks like a speeded up introduction to an episode of Star Wars flowing over an arch.
mr2560, Oct 07 2003

       re mr2560: Yeah! Or put this on Wall Street and have it be a stock ticker...BTW, this is all the result of a similar posting, "H2O'clock" elsewhere in the bakery...
cloudface, Oct 07 2003

       Or maybe instead of the height of the fountain indicating pixel brightness, air can be injected into the water stream on an individual 'pixel' basis. Black pixels would run as air-free jets. The response time could be very quick, and the combination of side lighting and a dark pool bottom could give good visibility.
Cedar Park, Oct 07 2003


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