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Sploosh and spladders

Winner gets a prize, losers have the most fun.
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Create a water park that is a life size version of the kids game chutes and ladders. The kids get large foam rubber dice and play the game for real.


       Amazing idea. 2 fries, you will never stop surprising me!
Pericles, Jun 13 2004

       But does a third kid/adult throw the dice while the others are climbing/sliding?
FarmerJohn, Jun 13 2004

       Place large floating dice in a pool visible to everyone. To roll the dice, the player presses a button at his station to "flush" the pool. The dice tumble as the water roars out, and come to rest when the pool is empty. The water is reclaimed, and pumped back into the pool as the player moves to his next station.   

Guncrazy, Jun 13 2004

       If the park doesn't have insurance then it could quickly turn into a game of Sorry. +
sartep, Jun 13 2004

       no snakes?
po, Jun 13 2004

       [Pericles]Thank you, I hope you're right
[FamrerJohn] I figured that kids not with a group or the wee ones too little to quite grasp the rules would carry their own dice or cheat as they saw fit. For groups that wanted to play for real the kids could either keep track of the number of rolls they have taken and figure out the winner after the fact, or there could be one or two extremely large dice in the center of the pool that could be seen from anywhere on the board, and would be in something much like the clear domed dice from the game Trouble but in reverse.
The clear bell housing would fill up with water and wherever the dice floated to rest at the top would be the roll, the water would then flush for the next roll.
For sure safety first [sartep]
Maybe for the Fear Factor episode [po]

       Life-size boardgames of all types. Next up: Hungry-hungry Hippos...
RayfordSteele, Jun 13 2004

       Ok kids we are going to play life sized pin the tail on the donkey, Billy you get to go first just watch his hooves.   

       Would love to post an idea for "Hungry Hungry Gyppos", but can't think of anything to go with the pun!
MikeOliver, Jun 14 2004

       awesome idea... I guess life-size Operation is pretty much already baked, huh?
luecke, Jun 15 2004

       Life-size "Perfection" (with the players standing on the board...)
phundug, Jun 15 2004


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