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Toxic Waste Water Park

A water park using toxic and radioactive tritium water
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Play in the giant cooling pond of what looks like a giant fission reactor. The water is all tritium based. Radio active fuels and waste are made into the pools construction including metals for the water slides. The kiddie pool will have mutagens sure to turn that rug rat into a swamp thing for sure. Free rad pops for every one made up of irradiated fruit. The entire park is built on a giant radio active waste dump and some sort of native holy place. While a toxic waste plant turns things like anthrax into food preservatives....
travbm, Nov 10 2015

Swimming in a cooling pool https://what-if.xkcd.com/29/
This would be much, much more dangerous than an actual Nuclear Cooling pool. [MechE, Nov 10 2015]

Radiation hormesis https://en.wikipedi.../Radiation_hormesis
Not recommended for children [4and20, Nov 13 2015]

Prior art https://www.reddit....er_was_sucked_up_by
[normzone, Nov 13 2015]


       Whatever merit your edgy interpretation of Lake of Firesnakes Fun Pool may have, the audience has turned on you. I doubt there is anything that you can do in the near future that will win them back, save curing cancer or buying a round of drinks.
the porpoise, Nov 10 2015

       The U.S. federal government has claimed at one time or another that workers working with radioactive material in the defence industry live longer than normal. At the levels of a Hiroshima or Nagasaki, cells stop dividing, but levels theoretically exist to slow cell division, which would seem to be part of the theory behind radiology and your fun park.
4and20, Nov 10 2015

       The perfect place for this would be the decrepit bath at Weston-super-mare where recently Banksy installed the Dismaland bemusement park.
Toto Anders, Nov 10 2015

       I've swam in a couple of yucky old ponds in my life. Hell, what doesn't kill ya only makes ya stronger, I say.
blissmiss, Nov 10 2015

       I would call this idea totally halfbaked, and it therefore earns this croissant fragment from me. [+]
xenzag, Nov 10 2015

       Well this was a testing the waters post.
travbm, Nov 10 2015

       [+]silly and pointless, but more to the point it's an actual idea.
Voice, Nov 11 2015


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