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Tattletale Gift Card

A gift card that rats you out to the giver.
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This is is for giver's who are nosy (nosy = showing too much curiosity about other people's affairs). ( or maybe concerned and involved).

The giver is mailed a duplicate receipt for all purchases made on the gift card.

So if you stop by "Bill's liquor, tobacco, porn and ammo", the giver knows in detail what your up to. Might be an interesting way to handle petty cash, for some business, say the mafia, that have to hire folks with sticky fingers. It would make it interesting for the folks getting the cards to figure out how to fool the system.

There is a "Tattletale Restaurant" that issues gift cards so confusion will reign until a better name is found.

popbottle, Mar 19 2014

This man had one. http://www.smh.com....20140122-318r9.html
[pertinax, Mar 21 2014]


       This is for giver's what? (hint, apostrophe not necessary for pluralization here).   

       'what your up to' should be what you're up to. Obvious contraction usage of you + are.   

       That's about as pedantic as I ever get, otherwise.
RayfordSteele, Mar 21 2014

       Hmm... Hard to get those details.   

       It depends on who issues the gift card.   

       If it's a store-specific gift card, say, "McDonalds", then that business would have to be complicit in the data sharing. And, they have deep pockets to get sued if they violate customer data trust. But, you'd have the potential to see what's in the bag/details.   

       If it's nonspecific to a store, and like a "prepaid debit card", then, again, you'd have to have complicity with a deep-pocket target who won't want to do this. And, you'd only get the store+date+amount details, & not the specific items in the bag/cart.
sophocles, Mar 21 2014

       Prepaid credit cards that return usage data are available now.
Voice, Mar 22 2014


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