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Sponsor The Homeless

They're always there, so stick an ad on the buggers!
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Why don't big corporations put adverts on homeless people? This would get money to the homeless and provide great exposure as it is near impossible to walk across any big city without getting tapped by a tramp! Obviously probucts would have to be carefully chosen as tramp advertising could potentially do more harm than good, but a hat reading "i drink carling 'cos its dirt cheap and strong as meths" would appeal to the 18 year olds who drink cos it's cool and want to get pished asap and acap (as cheaply as possible!), whilst "my jacket lets me enjoy indoors outdoors" would appeal to your hiking sorts! Another possibility would be to place fake ads, for example persil could provide a shirt reading "i use daz for manky whites!", or cadbury's may go for "a mars a day helps me sit on my arse and do nothing"! Obviously the more the homeless are paid, the less likely they would be to work (or indeen be homeless!), but a balance could easily be found, and enough for a six pack of tennants super or a half bottle of rum would probably suffice!
MikeOliver, May 01 2003


       Man, what is this, asinine idea day?
waugsqueke, May 01 2003

       Could you possibly elaborate further on why you object to my idea?
MikeOliver, May 01 2003

       // Why don't big corporations put adverts on homeless people? //   

       If you seriously need me to elaborate on why that is just plain stupid, I'm afraid I just can't be bothered communicating with you.   

       Per jutta's second link, the business community clearly thinks it's pretty dumb too.
waugsqueke, May 01 2003

       Just because the business community think its a bad idea, doesn't make it so, just as if they think its a good idea it is not always the case! I recently read about a guy having an ad tatooed onto the back of his head for a year for some dot com!!!   

       //If you seriously need me to elaborate on why that is just plain stupid, I'm afraid I just can't be bothered communicating with you.//   

       If you want to discuss stupid ideas how about "Anti-Grav Man"???? I am amazed you get any feedback!
MikeOliver, May 01 2003

       I thought I remembered Mike Oliver being smart and nice in the past. Boy was I wrong!   

       Don't you think this idea is just a tad hurtful and humiliating for people who are having serious problems? Have you ever stopped to think about what life is like for people beyond your cozy existence? You seem to consider homeless people to be nothing more than urban litter. Think about spending a day (or a life) in the position of someone less fortunate then yourself.   

       Please. I'm disgusted with your lack of sensitivity / empathy.
snarfyguy, May 01 2003

       // asinine idea day //   

       <anti-union rant> Otherwise known as 'May Day.'</aur>   

       I wonder: since getting a 'declared day' is so blatantly easy in congress now, should we try for asinine idea day? Halfbakery Day? World Day?
RayfordSteele, May 01 2003

       Yikes. When I read this before any annos were posted, I thought it was satire. I agree that a fishbone is in order.
Don Quixote, May 02 2003

       Perhaps it was a little tongue in cheek, but i will defend it anyway! I think the only people who would object to the homeless being paid for any reason are those who feel society needs to have a bottom rung in order that they can feel smug in the knowledge that they are off it and can convey false pity for those less fortunate souls. Most of the homeless in my down spend all their dosh on booze and when they do manage to gather a couple of quids together go straight to the Vicky Wines for another bottle or some smokes. There is accomodation available for the homeless and support if they were to go and look for it, but the fact is, they can only earn the kind of money they need to support their habits (be that alcohol, cigarettes or drugs) by sponging off of people in the streets. Granted this is a generalisation, and i am sure there are people who genuinely cannot help themselves or cannot get off the streets, but they would have the choice to turn down any sponsorship offers.
MikeOliver, May 02 2003

       It seems we all have a dark side   

       to quote -   

       //Improvement to Celebrity Bashing - Violent and therapeutic fun//   

       //Vent your frustrations with, or exorcise your hatred of, the celebrity of your choice by beating the hell out of a facsimile of that person//   

       i for one am disgusted by the suggestion that violence to anyone should be encouraged in such a way, it would be wise for people to take the time to think what life is like beyond their cozy non-celebrity existence and consider the pressures of fame! I am disgusted with your lack of sensitivity / empathy!!!!!!!!!!!!!   

       ps what is about using // for quotes? Why not good old "???
MikeOliver, May 02 2003

       // asinine idea day //   

       Merriam Webster Dictionary:   

       //One entry found for asinine.
Main Entry: as·i·nine
Pronunciation: 'a-s&n-"In
Function: adjective
Etymology: Latin asininus, from asinus ass
Date: 15th century
1 : marked by inexcusable failure to exercise intelligence or sound judgment <an asinine excuse>
2 : of, relating to, or resembling an ass synonym see SIMPLE
- as·i·nine·ly adverb
- as·i·nin·i·ty /"a-s&-'ni-n&-tE/ noun //

       Not quite that bad.   

       Not quite.
FloridaManatee, May 02 2003

       Varying opinions, FL.
waugsqueke, May 02 2003

       Handing out business flyers or wearing advertising billboards has long been a source of income for the desperate. So hardly a new idea, although I'm not against anything that helps the needy.
DrCurry, May 02 2003

       It may be distasteful to many of you, but this idea is do-able if not excusable.   

       At the moment in my town, there's a push to cut down the use of plastic shopping-bags at the checkout of supermarkets etc.   

       Today when i went thru the checkout I purchased an inexpensive synthetic mock-cloth handled bag for the same price as 2 litres of milk. It is green ( for recycling etc.) and has a store logo on it.   

       In my case, it will be returned to my car to be taken in to the stores on the next shopping trip. In the case of a homeless person this thing is a durable smaller equivalent to this large stripey plastic container I commonly see.   

       The space is there( on the sides of these bags or on a product which can be a cheap "contain-all" ). The visibilty is there. The exposure, you could say.   

       Do-able.......not palatable   

       Goodwill, Salvation Army et al may well have an "angle" on it.
peter2, May 02 2003


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