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Roof Over A Homeless Head

Temporary homeless people helping permanently homeless people.
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In it's briefest detail, an optional very small amount of money would be added to Hotel bills. Money would accrue and then be donated to homeless charities to help the homeless in a town/city. Temporary homeless people (hotel customers) would thus be helping permanently homeless people.

I see this working where placecards would be placed on hotel beds explaining that a voluntary contribution of 10p or smaller would be added to their billl at the end of their stay. A similar notice would be placed at Reception. Each notice would have to be in several languages to cater to an international market. The voluntary contribution would go to local or national homeless charities. The amount of voluntary contribution needs to be small because non-local people would be contributing to the scheme. The smaller the amount, the less ther're going to mind having it tacked onto the bill. The placecards would be sponsored by local firms, who would be allowed to have their adverts on these cards. Taxi companies and restaurants would certainly be a prime source of sponsorship.

Monies raised by this scheme would be collected by a local organiser who would also recruit hotels into the scheme. The organiser would also contact the local media with a view to getting an article written up about the hotel and what part it is playing in helping the homeless issue within the town. I see this scheme being run throughout the whole year.

For me, everybody wins. Hotels get a good 'social responsibilty' rating and free advertising through the newspaper article. Hotel customers feel they are contributing to society. Sponsors get their brand name across on the placecards and a good 'social responsibilty' rating. But most importantly of all, the homeless get help to build a better life.

I see it as a scheme where those people who are without a home or shelter in a city are helped by those who are similarly without a home in a city, but who nevertheless can afford a temporary shelter ie. a hotel bed.

NumboJumbo, Sep 23 2007


       The limitation to the homeless head would make this more cost effective, as many heads could be sheltered in a space that would accomodate just one body.
bungston, Sep 24 2007

       ditto [21Question]. donation boxes are a little tiny bit smarter in this case.
k_sra, Sep 24 2007

       This idea was based on a similar thing that Streetsmart.org.uk do here in the UK. With them, little donations don't get lost in admin costs and people don't mind having a small donation tacked on to their bill. So far they have raised £2.2m.
NumboJumbo, Sep 25 2007

       This would work best if it were aimed at the conference audience rather than the lone traveller.   

       Let the conference organizer agree to pay this relatively small surcharge per delegate (whether they pass it on to the delegates is between them and their conscience). This way, the conference organizer gets to boast about it, the delegates get to feel they are doing some small good thing, and the money comes in one large lump which is easier to administer.
MaxwellBuchanan, Sep 25 2007

       Considering how high hotel taxes can be, I don't think people are exactly in a giving mood when they're paying their hotel bill. Also, I don't think people staying in a hotel feel "homeless" like people who have no choice but to sleep on the streets. Sorry, not enough of a connection to get my donation.
flynn, Sep 26 2007

       I'm with numbo on this, tack it to the bill as voluntary; accounting software does a fine job of separating accounts.   

       The grocery stores here run campaigns, some are on-going, to add a dollar or two to your bill for various charities. The receipt for the groceries contains your receipt for charity.
dentworth, Sep 26 2007


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