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Sport Lotteries

....have a chance to get some money at the game....
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Have you checked out the price of a Hockey ticket lately (or the sport of your choice)? It's getting out of hand with no chance to get anything in return....except the chance to see Mario play again. I propose a SPORT LOTTERY. The home office should take $1 out of every ticket sold for that game and put it in the Jackpot. After the second period (or halftime...or whatever), the home team's captain should come out onto the ice (or field, or court...) and spin a wheel with the numbers 1-10 on it. Depending on the number drawn, that many people will split the jackpot or one person will take home the entire thing. People are chosen for the drawing based on their seat number...they have to present the ticket that matches. So, at a hockey game...with 40,000 people present....I could conceivably go home with $40,000 in cash....yeah, I'd keep buying tickets.... a one in 40,000 chance is better than the odds on state run lotteries.....
Susen, Feb 10 2001



       door prize (dôr prz) n.   

       A prize awarded by lottery to the holder of a ticket purchased at or before a function.   

tenhand, Mar 09 2001

       [admin: tenhand, please use [link] below the idea to add links, don't use annotate.]
jutta, Mar 09 2001


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