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The Driving Range

Combine golf & go-carts in one range.
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Why not combine a golf driving range with a go-cart track - golfers could get their rocks off by roasting passing go-carts with a barrage o' balls. Think about it: you're pissed at your kids, why not take 'em to the go-cart track for some fun* - and you can spend your hour taking aim and occasionally biffing them all under the disguise of "fun". It would appease the masses - the typical passive/aggressive middle-aged american would have a field day here.

I came up with this idea one day while trying to crank drives at the ball-picker-upper at the local driving range.

*some additional safety equipment required.

wugah, Apr 05 2003

Target Practice http://www.halfbake...e_20driving_20range
(see [krelnik]’s link) [Shz, Oct 17 2004]


       this reminds me of a shooting ducks gallery but less amusing.
po, Apr 05 2003

       D1 Hey! That's my kid! D2 So what? D1 Oh yeah? D2 Yeah! Biff! Pow!
K1 My dad can whoop yer Dad.
K2 My dad can whoop yer Dad.
K1 Oh yeah?
K2 Yeah!
Smash! Hit!
thumbwax, Apr 05 2003

       //'paybacks' on mom and dad?// <link>
Shz, Apr 06 2003

       In Thailand they have guys going around on motorcycles, towing a trailer, to pick the balls up. Unfortunately the motorcycles are covered in wire mesh. No fun.
Ling, Jan 16 2004

       Already happens at driving ranges.People try to hit the kid in the tracter picking up the balls.
python, Jan 18 2004

       I figure balls on the go-cart track could really mess up traction.   

       *Much more additional safety equipment required.   

       Other wise I have to say that I would go driving more often if there were one of these in my town.
LED Prism, Oct 05 2006


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