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Sports "radar" window

Show position of all players and ball/puck/whatever
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Often sports television coverage does a lot of close-ups. While these may be dramatic, they leave the viewer no clue as to what else is happening elsewhere on the field/rink. I would suggest putting a small transponder in each player's helmet as well as one in the ball/puck/whatever, then having in the corner of the screen a window showing in real-time where all the players and the ball are.
supercat, Feb 04 2001

Sailtrack http://www.siggraph...otes/SailTrack.html
Works great for sailboats -- see last para for similar tech for soccer [ok Brits, sic] players [rmutt, Feb 04 2001, last modified Oct 05 2004]


       Instead of fancy-schmancy transponders, you could just have a simple overhead view of the playing field in the window.   

       Ideally, of course, the viewer would be able to choose their own view configuration.
egnor, Feb 04 2001

       In an overhead view, each player would be less than 1/50 the width of the field; if you compress the field into the top-right 1/3x1/4 of the screen, the players would be too small to identify, especially if their uniforms were similarly-colored. An electronically-generated "scanner" image (like the scanner in such games as "Defender" and "Wizard of Wor") could render the players and the ball as colored dots large enough to be readily seen. Additionally, the scanner background could have a highlighted area showing what part of the field was visible in the main camera view.
supercat, Feb 04 2001

       Aren't they using something like this in the Premiership now, I'm sure I've seen it on TV but can't remember its name.
LardyBloke, Feb 07 2002


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