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Sports preemption schedule

Tells you which shows will appear late or be canceled
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If there's a ball game in the evening, it can screw up the TV program schedule for the rest of the night. I would like the TV guide channel to indicate which shows _will_ definitely appear, but possibly late, and which shows may be canceled completely if the game runs long.

Indicated simply by an asterisk, or by listing the show in parentheses, respectively.

Useful because:
A. This way you don't have to scroll back in time to see if there was a ball game earlier;
B. TV guide schedules allocate ridiculously small amounts of time for sports events. For example, 2 hours for a basketball game. Please.

phundug, Jul 16 2003


       Hear hear! I wish i could give a croisant for every show that got moved.   

       And by the way, how hard would it really be for the viewers guide folks to allow us to scroll back in time?
gardnertoo, Jul 27 2004


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