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Super Villian Smack Down

Fan gets a trip to Hollywood to spin the wheels...
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...and they land on... ALIEN VS DARTH VADER!!!!! OHHHHH!

Hollywood has lost any premise of being a creative force. So be it. Here's how we get a few of our next science fiction plots going forward.

Fans write in the movie battle they'd like to see naming two bad guys. At random, once a year a lucky fan has their letter drawn out of a jar and read on TV with the announcement that they've won a prepaid trip to Hollywood to spin the "Wheels Of Villains" Two Wheel Of Fortune style wheels with names of famous movie bad guys. The fan spins both of them and at the point that the two wheels meet, when those two villians come together the Hollywood movie companies bid on who's going to make the flick.

These bad guys can be from any time so time travel is allowed. It's fantasy so that's OK. If it's something challenging like Dr Moriarity vs Preditor, so be it. Get on it Hollywood, rise up to the challenge. Make it both plausible and entertaining.

I still believe there are creative people in the world, they're just not making movies anymore, that job has been taken over by financial analysists. Movie A makes this much, movie B makes this much, put them together they should make this much, here's the budget, ask "Is it China friendlly?" then give it the green light.

This puts a little adventure into the art form which might be interesting.

Now what if it's Darth Vader vs Darth Vader?

So be it. Get writing Hollywood. Alternate universe? Clone experiment gone wrong? Don't make me do this for you, get to work.

doctorremulac3, Apr 22 2020


       This reminds me of the series with celebrities made of plasticine fighting to the death in a wrestling ring. "Plasticine Jack Nicholson vs. plasticine Leonardo di Caprio" was briefly entertaining.   

       Meanwhile, back in the idea, I'm picturing ...   

       Hannibal Lecter and Doctor Doom eat lunch together, and make intelligent conversation. They're evil, not stupid; why would they fight? I'd watch, just to see where their conversation took them.
pertinax, Apr 22 2020

       Oh yea, that was on MTV right? Long time ago, back when MTV was good.   

       As far as the conversation thing, there was a TV show waaaaay back in the day where actors played figures from history and would sit around a table and discuss stuff. Leonardo DaVinci and Abe Lincoln, that sort of thing.
doctorremulac3, Apr 22 2020

       We are so pleased to know that Leo is now officially "history".
8th of 7, Apr 22 2020


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