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Spring Loaded edge nets

get edge nets and put springs on them
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Edge nets are a brilliant idea, but they will extend the side of the table several inches at all times. One may as well have a larger table with a rim, and they do tend to get in the way.

I give you... the spring loaded edge net.

The table with a spring loaded edge net has pressure sensors on top and a computer running the Advanced Sliding, Tipping And Falling algorithm. When an item is about to fall from the table's surface actuators release the spring loaded net on that side of the table. The springs are stiff enough to send the net out quickly but not stiff enough to knock someone over.

Now the net can be stowed at all times when not in use.

Voice, Sep 16 2010

Edge nets Edge_20Nets
the inspiration for and static version of this idea [Voice, Sep 16 2010]

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       The sudden snapping out of the nets could cause someone (like me) to spill something else....but, fairly HalfBaked.
Boomershine, Sep 16 2010


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