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Edge Nets

For tables, countertops, coffee tables, etc
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This Idea is HalfBaked because once you get the visual image in mind, you won't want it in your home. But neither will you be able to say it won't work!

A little below the edge of each table, countertop, etc, we extend horizontally outward, maybe 15-20cm, a net, not unlike-in-design the standard table-tennis/ping-pong net. So few things that are accidently knocked off the flat surface can end up broken or spilled on the floor. And it is useful for catching buttered toast, too, before it turns upside down!

Vernon, Sep 15 2010

Prior art DocumNets
[normzone, Sep 15 2010]

similar concept http://articles.lat...cal/me-goldengate11
[mouseposture, Sep 16 2010]


       The outside edge of this net could be a bungee cord, supported and held away from the table at the corners, thus allowing diners to sit as near the table as they wish. Just push the bungee in with your body. It wraps around you, still catching the toast, etc.   

       Quite nicely HalfBaked [+]
Boomershine, Sep 15 2010

       This is a good idea - should be longer, though. [+]
MaxwellBuchanan, Sep 15 2010

       Once the edge nets fill up with stuff that has fallen from above, there will need to be accessory nets installed some distance below them.
bungston, Sep 15 2010

       damn, won't catch sugar or salt or liquids ...
po, Sep 16 2010

       But between each coloured object you knock off the table you'll have to knock a red object off the table...
hippo, Sep 16 2010

       which will be terrible for anyone with white crockery...
prufrax, Sep 16 2010

       [po], I suppose the "net" could instead be a sheet of material like plastic wrap, but while it may catch a spill, it won't stop a spill, so that's why I didn't put too much effort, in this Idea, worrying about it. The thing that spills, though, should get catched, because often that is a breakable item. (Sometimes impact causes such an object to open and spill without breaking, so for those objects, a net might be low-impact enough to prevent the spill.) Not to mention that most floors susceptable to being on the receiving end of such spills are designed to handle them (fairly easy cleanup).
Vernon, Sep 16 2010

       + if they were like trampolines, they could bounce the items back up to the table! (well not the salt or milk...)
xandram, Sep 16 2010

       Jewellers typically have leather or cloth 'nets' strung beneath their workbenches - presumably in order to catch pricey items as they are dropped or spring out of vices etc - so there's certainly a precedent for the idea.
zen_tom, Sep 16 2010

       Flight decks have nets like these to catch sailors who fall off the edge, or who jump to avoid exploding planes.
baconbrain, Sep 16 2010

       [baconbrain] Does the deluxe model edge net come with exploding planes?
mouseposture, Sep 16 2010


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