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Spring Steel hook and loop fastener

"Industrial strength"
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Instead of Nylon, use spring steel. The hooks and loops would be bigger, I suppose. Each side could be welded on to it's particular component, and then finally pressed together.
Ling, Aug 06 2006

Metal Velcro- But smaller than I think you are imagining. http://www.newscien...rticle.ns?id=dn4986
[NotTheSharpestSpoon, Aug 07 2006]

NewScientist article http://www.newscien...a-35tonne-load.html
Extreme steel 'Velcro' takes a 35-tonne load [xaviergisz, Sep 06 2009]


       I think you are assuming we know what you are talking about. In my case at least, that is a wrong assumption.
Texticle, Aug 07 2006

       I think the idea is Velcro® made of steel for industrial applications.
xaviergisz, Aug 07 2006

kevinlipe, Aug 07 2006

       They have metal "Hook and Eye" fastners for dresses and bras and such. It's just one hook, and one eye, and you have to sew them onto the clothing individually. Is that what you're talking about?
ye_river_xiv, Aug 07 2006

       Sorry, Texticle. Hook and loop fastener is to vacuum cleaner, as Velcro is to Hoover. Any clearer? And what xaviergisz said.   

       ye_river_xiv, Hook and eye fasteners are similar, but hook and loop fasteners can be undone by mere mortals.
Ling, Aug 07 2006


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