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Spy Eye

store data in the vitreous fluid of the eye
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Agent 'I' is being given a new assignment- to transport data to another agent in a remote location. I is not sure he likes this mission. He’s been told the microscopic microchip will be injected into his vitreous fluid of his eyeball and drift around harmlessly until needed. I imagines one could extract the information from it via eye scan technology. I hopes that is the plan.

“Who’s clever Eye-dea was this!?” he wondered. “How can I keep my Eye on the prize when my Eye is the Prize!” he exclaimed. “Personally I would not like to See how this is going to come out!” And other such i-maginings.

But when the Capt. of the division says do something, you just say “Eye-Eye!”

dentworth, Jul 09 2010

Pre-Macular Bursa http://vitreousfloa.../floatersyoung.html
[2 fries shy of a happy meal, Jul 10 2010]

Floaters http://www.youtube....watch?v=gT_9OUvmb5I
float on [xenzag, Jul 11 2010]


       Meye meye. Eye queyete leyeke this. [+]
MaxwellBuchanan, Jul 09 2010

       I know someone who had the vitreous fluid cleaned of floaters. I'm plagued by a few floaters myself, and was curious about how it's done. It's not an easy or recommended procedure.
dentworth, Jul 09 2010

       This idea has several obvious advantages over implanting an RFID chip in the spy's arm, or butt: Instead of a small, concealable RFID-reader, usable by untrained personnel, this could be read using a slitlamp (a bulky, delicate instrument requiring skill and midriatic eyedrops to use). An additional advantage would be that the RFID chip is near-undetectable if you don't know the correct code, whereas the "Spy Eye" would stand out like a sore thumb on a routine eye exam.   

       So, the device is useful in certain situations:   

       1) When there's no opportunity to send specialized equipment, or very little opportunity to prearrange codes with him. For example, the recipient is a potential defector in the enemy organization. (Ideally a highly resourceful individual with access to a slitlamp; alternatively, a mortician.)   

       2) When the person carrying the message isn't supposed to know he's carrying it. For example, the sender is a potential defector, sending a "message in a bottle" to a foreign government: "Dear comrade opthalmologist. Please forward this microdot to your government's Central Intelligence Agency."
mouseposture, Jul 10 2010

       Floaters suck.
I also see the vitreous humor itself quite clearly in certain light. It is made up of those same clear-ish rings that make up the long tangled floater strands.

       The eyedea eye leyeky.   

       Apparently it might not be the vitreous humor I see, and the floaters might not come from there either but from something called the Pre-Macular Bursa . [link]   

       There's probably a market in custom floaters, with chosen images.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jul 10 2010

       I was originally thinking the data would be visible to the carrier, but that seemed like bad science
dentworth, Jul 11 2010

       [max] you have an interesting point, if the floaters could be shaped like kittens for example, you can make them bounce up and down across your vision, and make a little story in your mind...but wouldn't that get old quickly!
dentworth, Jul 30 2010

       Glittery floaters would be visible to others - you'd always have a twinkle in your eye.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jul 30 2010


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