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A Washing Company
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Why not have a franchise called Squeedgy. This franchise has two products initially. The first is a drive through windscreen wash, like you normally get at traffic lights.(Very small therefore low rent and maintainance). The second are window cleaners. The base for the window cleaners are the Windscreen Washers Drive Throughs. Employees are on shifts, either washing windscreens or going out into the surrounding neighbourhoods washing windows. The potential is huge for this. Why? Well, most window cleaners and windscreen washers are very small businesses run by one or two people. By imposing capitalistic competetitors upon them, they can either beat us or join us. As if they could beat us... Long live free trade!
ponda_baba, Jun 28 2000

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       [ponda_baba] Don't you hate it when folks fishbone an idea, but don't say why?   

       You realize a service like this would destory the atmosphere of big cities like New York and Los Angeles. People drive all the way from places like Peoria to see the stoplight window washers...
phoenix, Jun 26 2001


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