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Art work made by collective squirming of bums on seats
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Squirmart is a cinema based idea to entertain patrons during the period before the movie starts, when they are settling into their seats.

Each seat is equipped with a "squirming sensor" that translates the pressure and transmits both colour and brightness to a small, corresponding area of image projected on the main screen. This image is composed of a series of large pixel type blocks that equate with the layout of the cinema, and can vary in colour and intensity in direct response to the shifting of weight and position on the individual seats.

On a busy night "Mexican waves" of colour and light would be comparatively easy to achieve, but letters, and text could also be created with some co-operation, enabled by a block of seats acting together. On a quieter night, use it to flirt with someone whose seat is "blinking" for attention at the other side of the screen.

By the time the film starts, everyone should have squirmed themselves into a comfortable position, ready to concentrate on the unfolding drama of the movie.

xenzag, Sep 24 2006




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