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Secure Real Image Public Appearances

Looks like the real thing
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"Real" images (physics / optics term) can be created by the juxtaposition of inverse parabolic mirrors. [link]

There are various ideas on the HB related to this, but I don't seem to find one related to security of public figures.

The idea is to create a large version in which public figures could appear before their audience as "real" while being protected in a harm-proof chamber below.

Additionally, the acoustics are such that microphones could be placed or aimed at the "real" images and achieve the same soundfield as if placed near the real speakers.

csea, Jun 24 2011

Optical Display device http://www.google.c...v=onepage&q&f=false
Juxtaposition of inverse parabolic mirrors [csea, Jun 24 2011]

Rapid Excavation by Rock Melting http://www.osti.gov.../native/7111588.pdf
Slower than nuclear explosion, but a good deal safer [csea, Jun 24 2011]


       [+] but how do you know they don't do that already ?
FlyingToaster, Jun 24 2011

       //You'd think people would notice a 100 metre ufo like object stuck into the whitehouse lawn. //   

       Wasn't thinking of presidential figures. Perhaps more suitable for a performance venue for rock stars, etc.   

       Many large audience spaces are already bowl-shaped, with the audience suitably located to realize the real image. Just a simple matter of some earth moving.
csea, Jun 24 2011

       "The optimal location for this venue would be in a district *sorely* in need of re-development. We can also bid the excavation phase to be completed in a highly expedited time-frame, with the lower glass layer to be created - er, installed - simultaneously."
lurch, Jun 24 2011

       Now we're interested, tell us more...
8th of 7, Jun 24 2011

       // lower glass layer to be created ... simultaneously.//   

       Yes, but will the radiation produced make it habitable? Perhaps subterrene technology would be better [link]. This also creates a glassy surface, suitable for silvering.   

       One other aspect to consider is safety re. projectiles - as light rays are reflected, so might projectiles. It would be best for the reflective surface(s) to be bounded by an energy-absorbing layer.
csea, Jun 24 2011

       This is all well and good, until someone figures out that by shining a torch at the right angle, they can completely incinerate the public figure standing at the focal point.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jun 24 2011

       Good point. But it seems that the most effective angle would be from directly overhead, which could easily be deflected (?)   

       Perhaps when not in use, the top can be removed and inverted, creating two large solar ovens.
csea, Jun 24 2011


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