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Squirrel Power

Tap this unutilized biological energy pool.
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I have tons of squirrels in my neighborhood, and I was thinking they could be used to help produce power for my home. As everyone knows, squirrels are quite crafty, and will get into just about any sort of birdhouse to collect food. Well, this "feeder" would have a hamster-wheel like apparatus connected to it. At first, it dispenses feed as soon as an exploring squirrel steps into it. This changes though - every time the squirrel comes back, he must move the wheel a little farther to get the treat. Soon the squirrel will be doing hours on the little wheel in order to get that reward, and will be generating electricity for me in the meantime.

The squirrels are never captured - so if you are a squirrel hugger - no flames. I am still working on the idea for birds too - kindof a ferris wheel type feeder...

trekbody, Oct 28 2004


       There's something about the title that tickles my funny bone. I'm imagining gangsta squirrels. Heh. Hehehehe. *sigh*   

       There are probably some that would say that you're exploiting squirrels, but I think you may have something here, [trek].
Machiavelli, Oct 28 2004

       Funnily enough I spent much of last weekend talking about squirrel power. Oravavoimaa! Or something...   

       Of course it would be very small amounts of power you're producing, but it all adds up I guess. (+)
Taika, Oct 28 2004


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