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Indigenous power cell

A fuel cell powered by indigenous life
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The fuel cell would be set on the ground and would look similar to a humane mouse trap, with a trap door entrance. The device would lure field mice and other small rodents into it and they would be forced to run on a wheel. After a certain amount of time they are released. This way they would provide their own fuel supply, and they would tend to regenerate themselves. If the mice weren't returning some sort of substance could be used to get them hooked, so that they always wanted to come back. Methamphetamines would serve a dual purpose to get them hooked and provide an energy boost, although the supply would eventually run out, 1 gram of methamphetamines could probably power the device for many years. There are probably better ways of providing stimulus electronically, using sound/light waves or by directly stimulating the rodents somehow. Anybody who's ever had hamsters knows they don't need stimulus, they run and run and run, eat, run some more. Poop could be recycled and used as a lubricant. Perhaps the poop could also be used to feed small shrubs that grow nuts and berries to serve as bait for the rodents as well. I imagine this device would generate about the same amount of power as a solar cell of equal land area, but could be used under a jungle canopy or other suitable applications.
zardinuk, Feb 27 2007


       Why indgenous? Surely exotic pest species could be harnessed in a similar way to produce similar ahem, hamsterpower.   

       Poop makes a poor lubricant. Just ask any nappy/diaper-wearing person.
Texticle, Feb 28 2007

       <off topic> Can anyone provide a list detailing which countries mice and/or rats are native to? </ot>
Texticle, Feb 28 2007

       //(As long as one of them is not named Neo.)//

So, here in our battery farm we have: Neo, Neo, Neo, Neo, Neo, Neo, Neo and Larry.
methinksnot, Feb 28 2007

       I say just grind them up, dry the remains and mix them with powdered coal...burn them in the boiler fire, make steam, make electricity....much more practical. Say...you know, I should patent this idea....first to find some mice....hmmmm.
Blisterbob, Aug 21 2007


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