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Squirt Brush

Hair Brush with interchangable squirters
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The special attachments could be a cylinder full of water, which would be activated by a trigger, spraying the water onto the hair at the same time as brushing, making it easier to stop hair sticking up, or another cylinder (these form the handle of the brush) with gel spray inside, or maybe another one for hairspray.
gizmo, Dec 06 2001

aveda spray gel http://www.aveda.co...asp?dbxProducts=125
this would be an ideal product to squirt through the brush [gizmo, Dec 08 2001, last modified Oct 04 2004]

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       Maybe a wash and a rinse trigger for on-the-run hairwashing
bristolz, Dec 06 2001

       Real men don't use brushes.
phoenix, Dec 06 2001

       some men are squirts
po, Dec 06 2001

       I like it, for those mornings when I am running late and don't have time to take a shower I just run this brush through my hair and it's all good.
barnzenen, Dec 06 2001

       It could also incorporate a bleeping device as we can never find the hairbrush in a morning.
gizmo, Dec 07 2001

       You could stick a large strip of magnet to the mirror, then the metal cylinders (with brush attached) could be left there after use.
arora, Dec 07 2001

       Would the water/gel spray into the hair while you were brushing? If so, you'd either have to use a flat brush design, or align it pretty carefully. If you're just using it to hold water/gel, how thick would the handle/head need to be? Practicalities, practicalities.
pottedstu, Dec 07 2001

       Can I just point out that all this [eyb] crap is going to end in tears? Just so I can say "told you so".
pottedstu, Dec 07 2001

       I'm hoping that we've stopped that particular trend. Ahem.
egnor, Dec 07 2001

       the handle/cylinder containing the water/gel would be 1.5'' dia. x 4/5''long. The spray would squirt through the brush bristles, like a fine mist, similar to cleaning sprays.
gizmo, Dec 07 2001

       Good luck spraying gel as a mist...
snarfyguy, Dec 08 2001

       snarfyguy: found spray gel see link
gizmo, Dec 08 2001

       Well dog my cats. Nice work, gizmo. Perhaps my notion of what constitutes a gel is outmoded.
snarfyguy, Dec 09 2001


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