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Single Grey Hair Painter

A pencil shaped device filled with hairpaint
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First of all the reason of this idea; my mirror recently showed me something confronting... TWO grey hairs! Assuming this proces takes sometime it'd be easy to have a device that enables you to paint the single grey hairs. Pencil shaped makes it easy to carry, but most of all the pointer can be shaped like a marker pointer what makes the paint easy and accurately applicable... hair by hair by hair by hair by hair by hair...
BartJan, Dec 22 2001


       you short on hairs BartJan and have time on your hands? yank em.
po, Dec 22 2001

       That's what I started doing, but I entered a new fase: I can't beat them anymore!
BartJan, Dec 22 2001

       you can get brushes with one hair I believe
po, Dec 22 2001

       Any permanent marker close in color to your hair should suffice.   

       If it's worth anything, unless you're under 30, I'd wear them as a badge of honor.
phoenix, Dec 22 2001

       [PeterSealy] is timeless.
phoenix, Dec 23 2001

       Blondes don't have this problem, heh-heh. ;) I may have lots of gray hairs for all I know.
arghblah, Dec 24 2001

       Can I get a grey marker, so that I can have a subtle air of age and harrowing experience despite my hair's (postulated) tendency to remain dark and glossy?
wiml, Dec 25 2001

       Greay haire gives one character. For example, I have character, whereas before - I had none.
thumbwax, Dec 27 2001

       Just dye your hair a really natural shade of jet black.
mrthingy, Dec 27 2001

       Dye your hair grey now. Years on, people will remark on how youthful you still look.
snarfyguy, Dec 28 2001

       I'm 37, dirty blond, and have had *massive* grey coming in for the past couple of years, so that I have many different colors of hair going on at the same time. I get people -- all the time -- asking if it's some fancy dye job. But no, my mother and her sisters were completely grey by the time they were thirty. Wear it proud, I say! My maternal grandfather, in the casket, had an *outrageous* shock of white hair. Beats going bald...   

       (no offence, baldies)
snarfyguy, Dec 28 2001

       could it come in other colors as well? In the summer my hair turns brown and sometimes I'll get a few strands of blonde (fyi: I have jet black hair) which I can't tolerate (no offense blondies...but have you ever seen an asian person w/blonde hair? It looks rediculous)
Rampant Dysfunction, Dec 29 2001

       WHAT! You can't stand BLONDE? What's wrong with YOU?
bristolz, Dec 29 2001

       That's ok, bristolz; I'll take his...
StarChaser, Dec 29 2001

       Ahhhhhhrg, time is telling me to change this into Multiple Gray Hair Painter....
BartJan, Apr 01 2002

nnn, Nov 10 2003

       I think they already have these hair pencils which you use to fill in dye jobs--those would probably work well. And Christian Dior has that hair mascara thing.
ceruleanshipper, Dec 10 2003


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