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the shaver that cleans up after itself
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The idea being that whilst shaving your head a small vacuum cleaner like attachment on the trimmers sucks up the unwanted hair as you trim it off. This would make it less likely for you to get hair down the back of your neck, in ears, all over the floor, etc, and make it easier to see patches you haven't shaved rather than trying to make out what is already shaved fluff and what is not.
Miss Weston Smith, Sep 20 2001

like this? http://www.flowbee.com/
yes, it certainly does suck. [mihali, Sep 20 2001, last modified Oct 05 2004]


       "yes, it certainly does suck." Wayne's world?
stupop, Sep 20 2001

       [PS] The idea says that it's for when you're shaving yr head. Which is something plenty of people of either gender do.
-alx, Sep 20 2001

       [Unabubba] Please don't use shaving foam with an electric shaver - we like having you around.
[Peter] Then by your own reckoning you must be female, seeing as you suggested "Mood Lip Gloss". I won't mention the "Pet Sex Toys".
Jim, Sep 20 2001

       stupop: yes. it was called the "suck-cut" in that movie.
mihali, Sep 20 2001

       I don't have a beard or need to shave my head, I was thinking more of the need to shave my breasts when the hair getting underneath is quite uncomfortable.   

       PeterSealy: it takes one of those people who's "close to the age when shaving becomes an issue" to know one. I suppose it's a toss up between a shaved head and the nasty three hair cover-up?
Miss Weston Smith, Sep 20 2001

       Shaving is unnatural and should be made illegal. Shame on you for conforming to marketing stereotypes. Have a fishbone.
DrBob, Sep 20 2001

       is it any good for inflatable sharks ( the sort one takes to football matches as one does )
po, Sep 20 2001

       *cringes* The Gap? Oh Peter, Peter, Peter. *laughs* I-I just don't what to say. *laughs* All this time... Oh Dear. *laughs* Poor Peter. *laughs* *sigh* <solemn>Peter, please don't shop at The Gap, it makes me sad</solemn>
thumbwax, Sep 20 2001

       [thumbwax]- If it's any help, I buy my clothes at shitty second-hand stores that actually have USED UNDERWEAR. Of course, I don't buy 2nd hand/ass undies, but the fact that they sell them and I shop there should cancel out Peter's GAP purchases.

[mihali]- Aaaahh, the flowbee. If you didn't link it, I woulda. The flowbee is responsible for mullets the world over, and should be praised with shrines and villages of mullets.

Oh, and I half expected this to be a barbershop/whorehouse-combo idea.
AfroAssault, Sep 20 2001

       PS, before you defend yourself, I'm going to chime in to say that I give you more credit than to believe you actually shop at The Gap, and I instead insist that you were joking. Ahh, much better now, thanks.
absterge, Sep 21 2001

       I bet PS wears chinos and blue twill shirts. I bet he actually shops mail order from Lands' End (their apostrophe not mine).
lewisgirl, Sep 21 2001

       <consumer advice>Afro, go to Ross Dress For Less - you've got 4 locations in Utah - name brands - some 'seconds' - dirt cheap</consumer advice>
thumbwax, Sep 21 2001

       Shame on you, halfbakers! To mock the afflicted so.
DrBob, Sep 21 2001

       I know believe me Peter shops at watford gap - very trendy
po, Sep 21 2001

       A vacuum attached to the razor would mess up the styling as the hair is being cut and at best, cut all hair the same length.
iuvare, Sep 21 2001

       thumbwax - guess what, I do! Ross = great!
AfroAssault, Sep 23 2001

       Zowee... By title this sounded like some sort of X-rated barber shop. Too bad it's just a FlowBee (see Mihali's link) for one's face.
MrWrong, Oct 15 2003


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