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Stack Trace with Stack Data

with variables on the stack
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60 years after the invention of COBOL, I think it's permissible for compiler and exception handling folks to throw in the variables passed on the stack when generating a stack trace such that extra logging to capture it was not necessary.
theircompetitor, Sep 19 2019


       No first-hand experience, but my dad wrote RAE’s Blue Streak dynamics modelling and Dounreay’s thermodynamics modelling in COBOL. So, no, I don’t understand, but yes, impressed by whatever it means.
Frankx, Sep 19 2019

       Just had to use the ALTER statement, didn't you.   

       Anyways, it's CO"we don't need no stinkeen' local variables'BOL, so what's the problem ; your mother never teach you how to read a core dump ?
FlyingToaster, Sep 19 2019


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