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Visual JQuery IDE

Not the VisualJQuery web site
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A drag and drop website for creating nifty web visuals easily. Is that so hard to ask for?

I need nice menu boxes, I want to give everything normal and standard id names.

It cannot be that in 2010, when we should have been doing everything in parallel programming, that there still is no real visual IDE for developing the UX.

Unless there is something I'm not aware of.

And I'm not talking "Visual WebGui" I'm taking about something that should look like the telerik gadgets organized nicely, with a right click intuitive developers properties page and all other programmer ux looking professional, and of course the output should be fantastic.

pashute, Jun 10 2010


       What's a "nifty web visual" or a "nice menu box"? And what is "the UX"? And what are "the telerik gadgets"?   

       What's keeping you from writing this yourself, since you seem to know what you want?
jutta, Jun 11 2010

       Back in the day, Macromedia had a thing called Fireworks that would let you create animated buttons (if that's what you mean by "nifty") - you might find a copy floating around somewhere.
zen_tom, Jun 11 2010


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