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Stack pack cup-a-soup

Well...What if I don't have a cup?
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Introducing, a quicker and generally lazier way to prepare cup-a-soup.
Paper cups are sold in stacks, each with the suitable amount of soup dust in them, and each is sealed around the rim in contact with the cup above - the seal being broken when the top cup is removed.
The cups are such a size that the rim indicates sufficient water level, and the top cup is covered with a similar lid to those on pringles tubs. They make it simpler to prepare while out, and are easily stored.
fridge duck, Feb 26 2006

Non-stacking soup cup http://www.vitamind...VIEWPROD&ProdID=964
[DrCurry, Feb 26 2006]

Instant Soup Incup http://www.penninet...uk/shop/prza169.htm
A very similar system of preloaded, stacked cups with instant drinks (including soups and broths) have been around since the 1950s for vending machines. Here's an example of one that is still available from the UK. [jurist, Feb 26 2006]


       Not getting this. What's wrong with regular cup-a-soups?
DrCurry, Feb 26 2006

       It just seemed to me that if - in the event of needing a lot of cups-a-soups - that time could be saved with a stack of cups. Plus they could be taken along for picnics or the like...provided you have a portable kettle.
fridge duck, Feb 26 2006

       Yeah. I'd have to agree. I just don't see the advantage of this invention.
PatTheGreat, Feb 26 2006

       Space saving. +   

       And cup providing. +   

       Your name suggests another convenience food concept.
spidermother, Feb 26 2006

       space saving and materials and process saving, I like it. What I originally imagined when seeing this was a tall thin bag, like the ones you purchase a stack of cups in, filled with a stack of NOODLES pressed into the shape of cups, each coated in seasoning like a chip, that comes with ONE cup you can drop a noodle cup and some hot water into. That would be very convenient in a different way.
Kumawktopus, Aug 23 2014


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