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StairMaster™ Floor Tiling

Unavoidable exercise at home
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Don’t have the time to work out? (Or so you tell yourself). Introducing the raised floor StairMaster™. The easiest way to visualize this is on a kitchen floor composed of small ceramic tiles, though it works equally well on carpeted raised floors such as those commonly found in large computer / network support installations.

All tiles are hydraulically suspended at an equal height above the immobile solid floor beneath. As you place your weight upon the small tiles, they recess to near ‘ground’ level. A step in the direction of travel requires you to step up. When your weight is shifted to the next position of your incrementally planned path to your destination of choice, the tiles beneath your now fully weight-bearing appendage recess, and the tiles you are departing from return to their original height.

You will always be walking up stairs, despite the fact that the surface is actually level.

Walking speed is programmed upon installation, and any attempt to cheat, such as running (although a healthy activity) will result in incremental heightening of the entire floor (higher steps).

There are small ‘immune zones’ such as areas under furniture, door motion restriction considerations, and appliance locations where tiles could prevent access to necessities if cheating is persistent, etc.

The end result is getting yourself in shape, shedding some excess baggage, improving overall health, gaining self esteem, and realizing a more positive outlook on life in general. Feels great!

Shz, Mar 30 2003

Artificial Downhill Active Cobblestones http://www.halfbake...tive_20Cobblestones
Bizarrely, almost exactly the same idea. You get away with it though because [Rod]'s active cobblestones are meant to save effort, rather than making you exercise. [hippo, Oct 05 2004, last modified Oct 17 2004]

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       Sort of like walking on deep snow that doesn't quite support your weight - very tiring. +
FarmerJohn, Mar 30 2003

       ...not to mention the cleaning problem...
phoenix, Mar 30 2003

       Would be simpler just to attach these things to the bottom of your shoes, wouldn't it?
waugsqueke, Mar 30 2003

       I can just see myself hungover in the morning. Shuffle, shuffle - thump - ouch - shuffle - thump - ouch - shuffle - thump - ooyahfuggin, <holding stubbed toe, flailing arm in air, losing balance> oh shi- THUMP!... whimper. How could one possibly be expected to fix oneself a Bloody Mary in these sort of circumstances?
Guy Fox, Mar 30 2003

       Perhaps the computer room reference has confused some. Around here those tiles are 2x2’. I only mentioned it as an example of individually carpeted tiling. If you depressed an area of that size you would indeed have an edge to trip on with your other foot.   

       These tiles are small, say 1x1’’, and the depression is marginally larger than that of your footprint, leaving no edge requiring clearance. They return to their original position as your weight is transferred to your next step leaving no trailing footprint for others to stumble on / into.   

       It is exercise, and it is tiring. It is a workout – getting in shape and feeling good about yourself is the bulk of this idea. Give it a month and you’ll be conditioned well enough not to be bothered by it at all, just as with any other form of exercise.   

       Cleaning isn’t a problem, as a vacuum (etc.) doesn’t weigh enough to depress the tiles.   

       Attaching such a system to your shoes requires exceptional balance, a conscious effort to pretend you’re stepping up, and you’d look somewhat odd wearing the hydraulics. Falling would be commonplace using this method.   

       Shuffling would work on this surface about as well as shuffling up stairs. – You do have to step up. And shuffling around in the morning to make a Bloody Mary for your hangover is a problem, but not the one I’m addressing here.   

       <aside> There’s about 5 categories I could have legitimately listed this under </aside>   

       Happy happiness!
Shz, Mar 30 2003

       [hippo], equally bizarre is that I didn’t find that one. I think I spend as much time searching to avoid any redundancies as I do in composing an idea. But that doesn’t even come close to halfbaking this. The tiles have no tilt, and the average footprint will compress approximately 18 tiles simultaneously.
Shz, Mar 31 2003


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