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Standardized booting ARM images off SD card

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Seems like raspberry pis, and other ARMs dev boards are getting popular.

A common thing between all of them, is that they boot off an SD card.

This is not a bad idea. Why can't we standardise that?

After all, if we can just grab a random ubuntu copy for x86 devices, we should be able to do the same for ARM devices.

mofosyne, Jan 14 2016

This mini pc running on ARM allows for external booting http://www.stickcom...mart-mk908-mini-pc/
I suspect that the matter is simply one of desiring to limit the vulnerabilities that boot order can open up. [WcW, Jan 15 2016]


       Booting from media is totally baked and I can set a USB media in my boot order already. This is an emulator mind you, which lets you use an external sd card reader for rapid swapping,
WcW, Jan 14 2016

       baked for x86 machines. Not quite for ARM it seems
mofosyne, Jan 15 2016

       It's there in my emu, pretty sure not implented in any factorh firmware due to the potential security hazards. The SD card, USB and SIM are all on the same Bus so far as I understand it.
WcW, Jan 15 2016


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