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"Ventomatic" the in-house shrink for your PC

Take that you plastic...
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You are tired, your body is not responding to java power, your fingers have danced one too many "taps." You have worked on a project for hours and hours, finally working on your finishing touches...when the inevitable happens. "Murphy's Law"

What do you do? Do you shout and make your neighbors think that you are freak at 3am? Do you light a cig to make yourself believe that it isn't actually happening? Or would you rather pound every piece of plastic and metal which is your PC but can't since you know you will regret it, like tripping and falling into someones bed.

Rejoice at the "Ventomatic." A device that connects to your PC via USB or Bluetooth.(Being powered by the PC itself) It will be a softball sized ball, which is padded all around for your pleasure. You can throw it, punch it, pinch it, bite it. Its wonderful features are; a) you can vent at a PC which you couldn't do before. b) once the 'Ventomatic" detects any sudden behaviour arounds its cusioned body, it will call your PC and reboot with previous programs 'last save' feature with all the previous informations still intact. c) For the BlueTooth users you can actually throw them around limited distance 100m. d) If for some ungodly reason your PC is actually reliable, then you can turn the "Ventomatic" off and use it ass a tool to kill time while the windows browser loads a site.

Hmm...I need more coffee.

Hunted, Sep 06 2002

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       If your computer is locked up, it's not going to respond to commands from the USB port.
Mr Burns, Sep 06 2002

       My PC needs the shrink. As for me, I'm perfectly normal. At least that's what it tells me when I ask it...
RayfordSteele, Sep 06 2002

       Back in the day some Ron-Co type outfit was selling a "T.V. Brick" made of foam that you could throw at the T.V. if you got the urge.   

       What will we do when the chip in our head pisses us off in the future?
gootyam, Sep 06 2002

       Or if it crashes? Will percussive maintenance be necessary?
RayfordSteele, Sep 07 2002

       Fair enough. Forgive my lack of research on this idea. My first submission on this site. Thanks all for posting.   

Hunted, Sep 08 2002

       Wrong category (nice try, though). Already HalfBaked, I'm sorry to say.
phoenix, Sep 09 2002


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