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Standardized snack shapes & sizes

Cheese, pepperoni, and crackers which come in standardized shapes and sizes
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I was eating a snack of cheese and crackers (with pepperoni), and I noticed that the three food items all different shapes and sizes. The crackers were ovals, the cheese was rectangular, and the pre-sliced pepperoni was round.

I propose that companies make standardized shapes and sizes for popular snack combination. With unified snacks, no bite would be without the full flavor!

rgovostes, Mar 18 2004


       Superficially a good idea, but items like (proper Italian) "pepperoni" are made following traditional recipies and guidelines, the slightest deviation from which greatly affect the actual taste of the product. If you are prepared to sacrifice the flavour (and deep-down, almost sexual, enjoyment available from the best quality foods prepared in a loving fashion - such as residents of the USA and many other Western Hemisphere countries have already given up) then you may be on to a winner here.
suctionpad, Mar 18 2004

       Compelling idea. But how to choose the right shape? A round cheese shape won't fit on my square sandwich, nor my triangular nacho corn chip. Although many foods are naturally tubular (bologna, etc.), the most efficient packaging shape is cubic (Velveeta, bread loafs, Spam, etc.), as it wastes the least amount of space (notice how Coke cans never stack efficiently).   

       So let's square everything: square Ritz & Waverly, square corn chips, square potato chips (crisps), square marshmallow (efficient S'mores), square tomatoes, square mustard. It would put an interesting angle on things. :-) And to provide the "deep-down, almost sexual enjoyment", I could suggest... aw never mind.
musicator, Mar 19 2004

       <Nigel Tufnell>But if you keep folding it, you end up with this...and I don't want this. I want large sized bread. Would you be holdin' this?</Nigel Tufnell>
gnomethang, Mar 20 2004

       [gnomethang] beat me to it.
stupop, Mar 20 2004

       What if the cheese, pepperoni, crackers, etc., came in different shapes, but the same size calorie serving?   

       That is, the pepperoni slice was 100 calories, the cheese slice was 100 calories, the slice of cheesecake was 100 calories....and each size different based on the same total effect on your body (adding calories).   

       For that matter, a 100 calorie sized can of liquid refreshment....   

       I don't think a 100 calorie slize of cheesecake would be worth eating, but it would make one more aware!
pilgrim, Mar 22 2004

       No likey. Variety's the spice and all that.   

       // square tomatoes //   

       That's inspired though.
saker, Mar 23 2004

       [musicator] said // notice how Coke cans never stack efficiently //   

       Fine balance though isn't it. The coke can is the same shape as most cans and is designed for efficient packing *and* so that it vends via a machine. Cuboid cans would be better for packing, but would be enormously weak, prone to explosions on dropping and would not vend.   

       course, if you've a better suggestion for a can shape, then go halfbake.
jonthegeologist, Mar 23 2004

       I vote round everything. You can get round bread (rolls, bagels, Warburtons Milk Loaf), round salami, round cheese (e.g. Camembert), round vegetables (lettuce), etc.   

       The big question is the size. Are you going to deny people the pleasure of little cocktail nibbles, or force them to eat absurdly small sandwiches?
kropotkin, Mar 23 2004


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