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Standing Wave Tight-Rope

tightrope that makes nodes and anti-nodes
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I love tight-rope ideas - so here's another one. (I have more)

Standing Wave Tight-rope spans a valley and displays standing waves.

In the off position, it's just an ordinary tight-rope, but when the vibrator is activated at the anchor point on one side, the wire displays the characteristic nodes and anti-nodes of a standing wave.

Illuminated at night, probably using strobes, Standing Wave Tight-Rope becomes a visitor attraction spectacle.

(Standing Wave Tight-Rope is not recommended for walking on when in the "activated" mode)

see links for more information on vibrating strings and wires.

xenzag, Feb 22 2023

http://hyperphysics...e/Waves/string.html [xenzag, Feb 22 2023]

http://drlaurencean...ure_-_harmonics.pdf [xenzag, Feb 22 2023]

Bouncing droplets (walkers) and standing waves https://www.youtube...watch?v=WIyTZDHuarQ
Oil surface with standing wave & droplet Your tightrope and my notional aerialist may be a similar dynamic. [a1, Feb 22 2023]


       // not recommended for walking on when in the "activated" mode) //   

       But that’s when it could be most interesting. The aerialist would have to jump or dance between nodes. Their weight on their rope would effectively divide it into two different length segments and changing the resonant frequency of each.
a1, Feb 22 2023

       I think they would be flung off on the first step.
xenzag, Feb 22 2023

       // flung off on the first step //   

       Maybe- and the merest possibility should draw an even larger audience. But by carefully hitting the exact right points in space and time along the rope, the aerialist could avoid that. See link on how “walkers” (bouncing oil droplets) look on a vibrating surface.
a1, Feb 22 2023


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