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Sling yer Bridge

#2 scout manual
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Ensuring that all is secured on the slinging side.

Attach two heavily spiked anchors via industrial rubber bands to the ends of the rungs of a rope bridge. Then catapult the whole thing to one side of a river to the other by utilising natures very own trebuchets.

Shouting at the person upon the other side to "mind their feet!" will come in handy once releasing.

skinflaps, Jun 14 2006


       not a slinky bridge then?
po, Jun 14 2006

       slink yer bridge?   

       he, he
skinflaps, Jun 14 2006

       is that an insult or what?
po, Jun 14 2006

       if there are already people on the other side, why do you need this?
tcarson, Jun 14 2006

       They might be having inbreeding problems, and might want you to come help them with that.
bungston, Jun 14 2006

       //by utilising natures very own trebuchets.//   


       This has *nothing* to do with insurance.
methinksnot, Jun 15 2006

       Chill [po]   


       Zoot allures![methinksnot]You are correct.(slinks off)
skinflaps, Jun 15 2006


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