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Teacup evolved

The Ultimate Tea Cup
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The Teacup evolved…. Imagine a normal cup – pretty Standard, round vessel with handle, one end open to allow liquid to be poured in. The basic design hasn’t changed for hundreds of years.

My new evolved design addresses some common issues, dunking of biscuits and the problem of the dunked biscuit falling into the cup and becoming difficult if not impossible to remove. The design is the same as a conventional cup except for 2 extended “slots” on either side of the cup about half an inch wide. This allows biscuits to be dunked whole. Those who dunk Rich Tea or Hob Nob biscuits will find this addition most useful.

The Cup is also fitted with a small stainless steel mesh that sits at the bottom of the cup, this can raised and lowered by a small lever on the side of the cup. This has 2 purposes, the first allows you to brew the tea in the cup and raise the tea bag with out the aid of a spoon. This will prevent any “straining” caused by squashing the bag with a spoon. Its second purpose is to extract biscuits that have been over dunked and fallen to the bottom of the cup. Simply raise the lever and the biscuit is brought to the top and can be removed thus preventing silt like residue from forming in your cup.

The third and possibly most exciting aspect of this cup is the small fan wheel in the bottom of the cup beneath the mesh. A small wheel on the outside of the cup operates this mechanism. Turn the wheel and the inner wheel spins and stirs the tea. (Once brewed, of course!). This bottom part of the cup unscrews to allow for cleaning.

So there you go an English cup for English Tea and Biscuits.

Tall skinny Mocha with Sprinkles? Pah!

Give me an Earl Grey with a selection of biscuits, to be enjoyed whilst watching the local Cricket team swinging the willow. Hows that!

S-note, Jul 09 2007

A bit like this? http://www.kancept....how/duncan_mug--302
[hippo, Jul 09 2007]

Or this? http://www.makezine...ilk_dunker_mug.html
"...a clever mug with press down toaster-like action for dunking cookies ..." [hippo, Jul 09 2007]

Or this Cookie_20Cup
I did an illustration, as I didn't find [hippo]'s beautiful link [TheLightsAreOnBut, Jul 09 2007]

Milk Pail http://www.milkpail.com/
Quote from their website: "It’s a culinary Disneyland" [hippo, Jul 09 2007]

Biscuit resurfacing device the second http://scaryjim.mul...tos%2Fphoto%2F5%2F3
At some point last year there was an invention competition for some kind of tea bag - I re-imagined the device for my entry. [fridge duck, Jul 09 2007]

Lift n'Sift http://www.asontv.c...cts/1077327147.html
When I read the description of the biscuit-removing apparatus, I thought of this, [nick_n_uit, Jul 11 2007]


       Ah Bugger!
S-note, Jul 09 2007

       I thought the second link was clever. In fact there seem to be lots of completely daft ideas on that site.
hippo, Jul 09 2007

       Looking at the links, I'm surpised a variant isnt available on the market yet. Oh well, totally baked. Im off for a cream tea! For Americans interested as to what a cream tea actaully is... It is Tea and cream topped scones.
S-note, Jul 09 2007

       [S-note] You had best define "cream" for us yanks too. "Cream" over here is a thinnish liquid used for making over roasted coffee drinkable. Often found at a horrid little chain store named after a fictional whale harpooner.
Galbinus_Caeli, Jul 09 2007

       clotted cream noun a thick cream with soft lumps in it, made especially in southwest England. Ideal for a cream tea.
S-note, Jul 09 2007

       Clotted cream is available in the US - I used to go to a shop in California which sold little vacuum-packed jars of it (see link).
hippo, Jul 09 2007

       Rule Britania! Cream Teas across the pond!
S-note, Jul 09 2007

       Perhaps this could evolve into Two Cups of Tea.
csea, Jul 11 2007

       Two cups of tea? Never. If God had meant for us to have two cups of tea, he would have given us much wider mouths. It could never happen, preposterous!
zen_tom, Jul 11 2007


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