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The Eye of Sauron on the Shelf

Teaching a 'healthy' amount of fear over the loss of one's privacy
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Jen thought her stepfather's infatuation with all things Lord of the Rings was a bit creepy, but this newest gadget was simply too much. He claimed it was just a baby video monitor. But she wasn't so sure. Maybe it was the motorized turret that would rotate the yellow eye to follow anything that moved in its path. Maybe it was the way it always seemed to focus on her wedding ring, which she kept on a chain since it needed to be resized to fit her finger. Maybe it was how he kept moving it to a new location each day while reading forboding lines of 'The Night Before Christmas' in the Black Speech of Mordor. Maybe it was the nightmares she had every night since it arrived in that mysterious box with the return address from Langley.
RayfordSteele, Dec 01 2015

Eye of Sauron http://vignette4.wi...t?cb=20140427122513
Just in case someone doesn't know what it should look like (at least approximately) [Vernon, Dec 02 2015]


       + OK, beats the damn Elf on the Shelf!
xandram, Dec 01 2015

       Better check out all possible hiding places for Palantíri ...   

8th of 7, Dec 01 2015

       All I got was a reworked Magic Eight Ball. Mommmmum!
popbottle, Dec 02 2015

       My parents went to Mordor, and all I got was this lousy ornament.   

       "The Eye Of Sauron Baby Monitor" would be a great idea
hippo, Dec 02 2015

       Will it be life-size?
pocmloc, Dec 02 2015

       The available data indicate that the overwhelming majority of babies are indeed life-size.   

       However, it should be noted that mere accumulation of observational evidence does not constitute proof.
8th of 7, Dec 02 2015


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