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Stateful ringtones

Successive rings start off from where the last one finished
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Especially useful for MP3-based music ringtones: successive rings start off from where the last one finished.

This way, if you're away from your desk and it keeps ringing, at least everyone else in the office gets the experience of hearing the whole song, rather than the first two and a half bars again and again.

kuriuskat, Oct 14 2006

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       Many MP3 (downloaded) ringtones are more or less the whole song - the problem is that phones divert to voicemail well before the whole ringtone is heard. It would just need to remember where it had got to in the song when it stopped ringing... and start again from there.   

       An extension: you could have ringtones which were read stories (Stephen Fry reading Harry Potter anyone?). You hear a new bit of the story every time someone calls you. The more popular you are the quicker you get through the tale.
kuriuskat, Oct 14 2006

       Bunned it, both for the idea and the idea in that anno.
zeno, Oct 14 2006

       The same 2.5 bars on someone else's unattended phone have often got on my nerves. [+]
pertinax, Oct 17 2006

       //An extension: you could have ringtones which were read stories//   

       Why only on a extension, i want this on the main line too ;-)
webfishrune, Oct 17 2006


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