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Straight to Ring Tone

For those songs too bad for CD.
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As all songs are now ultimately consigned to the ultimate low point of being a ring tone, I believe that some, shall we say, lower quality songs should be consigned "Straight to Ring Tone", cutting out the being commercially released in any other format stage. This closely mirrors the "Straight to Video" concepts for crap films. Whilst the resultant tones will be insanely innoying, they will only be annoying in one extra specially annoying format.

Possible suggestions? Well, anything remotely linked to any member past, present or future of the Spice Girls gets my vote. Or anything by Craig David obviously.

Bedford Van, Jun 01 2001


       In light of its source (no offence, [BV]) I am somewhat alarmed to note that I am in favour of this idea.
angel, Jun 01 2001

       Why is this constantly returning to the top of the 'recent' list when no-one else is annotating it. Attention-seeking, [BV]?
angel, Jun 01 2001

       Attention Seeking? Moi? I think no-one else was doing anything. Why am I a dodgy source btw?   

       I saw the article about new less beepy phones (in the Manchester version of the Metro). I think it will be a while before they are widespread though, as they cost 680 of your Earth Pounds Sterling.
Bedford Van, Jun 01 2001

       Not at all dodgy, mon frere, I was merely noticing that, heretofore, I had not voted either way on any of your ideas. Nothing personal, I just felt myself to be neutral. This one, though, moves me.
angel, Jun 01 2001

       I am pro, in hopes that bottom-feeding composers will find a new purpose in writing songs that are good (distinctive, brief, melodious, harmonious) as ring-tones.
hello_c, Jun 04 2001

       But who decides what is a crap song and what isn't? And how do they go about it? Maybe everything by less-than-stellar performers is "published to Nokia" first, and then if lots of people use it a company floats a trial CD? Naw, there's too many good bands that are obscure...hate to hear Sleater-Kinney on somebody's phone. Are we back to trying to legislate musical taste again?
Dog Ed, Jun 04 2001

       In Australia (and presumably also the rest of the world, although I don't live there), there are various bands which exist only with the blessing of television channels and other large sources of funding and promotion, rather than musical talent. E.g. Bartog (or whatever it was called) and Scandalùs.   

       These miserable specimens should be automatically banished to ring-tone-hood, but that would defeat the whole commercial approach to them ("Instant successful pop band, just add marketing and pour in some additional money")   

       Good idea, but it wouldn't eliminate _enough_ of the rubbish around the place.
cp, Jun 04 2001

       I know why this is halfbaked...the sheer size of the thing!! Agree: The use of bands as product spokesmouths is overdone, in US and abroad.
reensure, Jun 05 2001

       Ring-tones are big business now, and getting bigger all the time. While working for a mobile phone music startup this year, I heard it said that, in a few years, straight-to-ringtone could well become the preferred route to market for the music biz (with better handsets, o' course).   

       So: <b>fully baked</b> (but for the wrong reasons).
nickpelling, Jun 05 2001


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